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How to Search the Internet

Learn How to Search the Internet


How to Create a Graph

Graphs and charts are great because they communicate information visually.





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The Biology Careers

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Biology Text


Chemistry Text



How Cells Work


Frog Dissection

Pig Dissection

Cat Dissection




About DNA

Genetic Diseases and Chromosome Information

Blue Plant Biomes




Environment Directory

Homepage of Bioethics



Inner Human Body

Bozeman Science

Visible Body

Tree of Life Taxonomy

Understanding Evolution


Pond Life Pictures

Smallest Website

Animal Behavior 


Evolutionary Timeline












Research Related



Inspire Database Indiana

(Excellent resources for publications; free for Indiana residence)



Wells Co. Library

(i.e. see Science Source Database)

Internet Public Library

Homework Hotline

Library of Science Links

Online General Dictionary

Reference Answers


 National Library of Medicine

Libraries in Our State of Indiana






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Ball State University’s

BIO 111 APA Paper Help and Resource Page on “Evolution”

(BSU User / PW Required)



APA Notes and Class Information 

(Downloadable .pdf)


APA Research Paper Writing (OWL Purdue University)


APA Sample Paper (Downloadable .pdf)


APA Basics, Tips, Style, Format, FAQ, etc...

Plagiarism Overview


Paper Rater


Reference/Citation Machine for APA