Big Ideas: To understand the componets of the Earth
Essential Questions: How  are rock formed ? What are the processes in the rock cycle? What are earthquakes, plate tectonics, and volcanism? 
Vocabulary: igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, earthquakes, plate tectonics, volcanism 
Month Content Skills Asessment Standards Instructional Activities,
Strategies, and Differentiation
September Physical Geology  Formative:  HS-ESS1-5; HS-ESS2-1; HS-ESS3-1,2,3,4     Provide Topic Reading Assignments and Vocabulary List   
Deliver Information via Lecture, Discussion and Handouts
Rock Types and Characteristics Simulate rocks at different stages and get a better understanding of the rock types and cycles. Student Partipiation and Dialog  Use Technology (ie Simulations/Illustrations/Videos), Various Manipulatives and Word Play
Earthquakes Create a glacier and noting its destructive power.  Study Guide Assignments  Offer Review Opportunities (Study Guides and Study Sessions)
Plate Tectonics Discover how buildings withstand an earthquake by creating one and testing it accordingly.  Lab Practicles and/or Projects Supplement Topic Discussion with Labs/Projects/Demonstrations
Vocanism  Discover how convection currents work in order to support continental drift. Chapter Quizzes
Produce a simulation be create and show the process of plate tectonics. Reading / Vocabulary Exam  
Witness how magma can spread and erupt from within volcanoes. 
Chapter Exam
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