Big Ideas: To provide an overview of the skills needed to study Earth Space   
Essential Questions: What role does science play in the study of earth/space? What are the basic chemical principles that affect non-things? What tools are used to investiage earth space science?  
Vocabulary:  elements, bonds,  water, minerals, scientific method, theory, temperature, force, maps, spheres    
Month Content Skills Assessment Standards Instructional Activities,
Strategies, and Differentiation
August Introduction to Earth Space  Formative:  HS-ESS1-5; HS-ESS2-1; HS-ESS3-1,2,3,4     Provide Topic Reading Assignments and Vocabulary List   
Deliver Information via Lecture, Discussion and Handouts
Chemistry Determine the density by calculating the mass and volume of an object.   Student Partipiation and Dialog  Use Technology (ie Simulations/Illustrations/Videos), Various Manipulatives and Word Play
Lab Methods  Examine what the basic molecular structure of minerals; such as, silicates, carbonates, sulfates, oxides, and halides look like. Study Guide Assignments  Offer Review Opportunities (Study Guides and Study Sessions)
Measurements  To review the scientific method and all of its components by creating an activity, lab, or project based on a selected and researchable earth space topic. (to be a student driven activity throughout the term) Lab Practicles and/or Projects Supplement Topic Discussion with Labs/Projects/Demonstrations
  Chapter Quizzes
Reading / Vocabulary Exam  
Chapter Exam
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