Extra Credit Online


“You Are Allowed to Do this Assignment

Only Once per 9 Weeks Throughout the Year with Different Answers Only”


“Extra Credit Will Not Be Accepted One Week Prior

to the End of Each Nine Weeks”




All assignments are to be turned in… extra credit means that you’ve done your best

with previous assignments and wish to extend or go beyond the required work


The answers must include at least one or more complete (non-verbal and non-multi search engine)

reference(s) each; may use: Citation Link


The answer is to be stated clearly and professionally


Your answer needs to be 200 words +/- for “both” answers/narratives


You are to do your own research and work (no cheating/dishonesty/plagiarism allowed)


Highly similar, questionable, or plagiaristic answers

from you or fellow students due to copying, cutting,

and/or pasting of work may be subject to investigation,

checked online with a plagiarism checker website

 and/or not counted for extra credit from all parties

involved for the entire year.



The 10 Extra Credit Point

Opportunity Question/Statement


“Choose 2 (Two) People that have Contributed to the Understanding of Biology and State a Narrative about Each by Describing What They Did and Thus What They are Famous For.”


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Description: Description: C:\Testarea\bioteach.gif




An Answer Does Not Insure Full

Credit of 10 Bonus Points